QR Codes In The Wild Movie Poster Fail

August 26, 2011, Posted by Kevin Mullett in big stuff, fail, internet tools, little stuff, marketing, marketing tools, qr codes in the wild 3 Comments

qr code IN THE WILD movie poster fail

When people tweet me #QRCodesInTheWild, which you are welcome to do, I always try to analysis if it is an effective use of the technology and follows various marketing principles.

In Search of Stock Photography by Kevin Mullett

August 22, 2011, Posted by Kevin Mullett in big stuff, internet tools, little stuff, marketing tools, photography 3 Comments

in SEARCH OF STOCK photography

Over the years I have accumulated many stock photography search tools for web design, blogging, fun, and marketing projects. Enjoy this ginormous list of tools and methods for when you are in search of stock photography.

Instagram The Closed Ecosystem Measure of Influence?

August 16, 2011, Posted by Kevin Mullett in internet tools, marketing, marketing tools, social, un-common sense 3 Comments

should ONLINE INFLUENCE be an exclusive club

Online influence measurement and analytic services are all the range in this hyper social media aware age we find ourselves in, but should online influence be an exclusive club?

CSR's Drive People Crazy With Stupid Scripts

August 5, 2011, Posted by Kevin Mullett in just because, skewed views, un-common sense 3 Comments

rebooting CSR RESPONSES for client and company

Companies should empower CSR’s to deviate from a script when the response doesn’t fit and clearly the person on the phone knows it.