April 26, 2012, Posted by Kevin Mullett in big stuff, fail, internet tools, little stuff, mobile, skewed views, un-common sense 1 Comment

Fancy’s Social Pushiness Means A Not So Fancy Start

When a Twitter follower asks if your account has been hacked it tends to grab your attention. This is what happened early this morning after I installed The Fancy.

April 24, 2012, Posted by Kevin Mullett in big stuff, internet tools, little stuff, marketing tools, mobile, skewed views 0 Comments

Microsoft Windows Live Skydrive Is Still No Dropbox

I’ve been a user of both SkyDrive and Dropbox since their early beta stages, and while the new release of SkyDrive makes it significantly easier to get files to and fro, it still doesn’t match the ease, functionality, and platform ubiquity of Dropbox.