February 11, 2010, Posted by Kevin Mullett in all about me

blast FROM LONG AGO past

How does a routine day turn into a lifelong story? When fate, if you believe such a thing, presents an oddity for the observant to find.

Two friends and I went to the Panda Grill Chinese buffet in Fort Wayne today. While waiting to pay, one of them noticed this yellowed and rather old looking paper. He picked it up and we both commented on it being from 1965. The third friend overheard this and asked, hey I wonder if that was on my birthday and IT WAS! No joke. This paper was literally from the day he was born.  It was a Fort Wayne News-Sentinel from Monday May 24th, 1965.

The owner of the Panda Grill mentioned that a patron frequently brings in old papers and leaves them. Our friend wasn’t even going to ask for the paper, but fortunately he didn’t have to. The owner insisted that he take it with him.


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  • Very slick! i like this idea. and hmm, i’m wondering if there was an article by my grandmother in that paper! No joke, Carol Heyn was probably a by-line in some of those old papers that guy has left there! Very nice story hunter! Relay more of these if you can! 😀