April 15, 2013, Posted by Kevin Mullett in fail, little stuff, marketing, SEO, skewed views, social, un-common sense, video

Businesses Need To Grow Up!: Marketing Takes Planning, Money, and Effort.

Some businesses need to grown up. This desire and expectation for instantaneous marketing results, with no effort or cost, is irrational and childlike.

Seems harsh doesn’t it? It might, but don’t you instruct your kids to plan ahead, prepare to win, and expect to work hard if they are to achieve their goals? I’m offering tough marketing love. I want you to succeed, therefore, I must warn you of the ills of unreasonable expectations and the fate of lazy marketing. I must remind you that good things don’t come cheap and cheap things do not come good.

I can help you achieve search and social visibility, but it is rarely overnight. You must plan ahead if you are trying to have results coincide with launches or events. I can help you achieve search and social visibility, but I will need your assistance and cooperation. I am not the expert in your business, you are.

“But I don’t want to do social media or update my website.” Too bad, that is what it takes to appease the search engines and most businesses audience. Get used to it or get ready to pony up some dough to get someone to do it for you AND be ready to make yourself available for hours of meetings and impromptu questions on how you would answer a question.

The days of simply paying someone to create an ad, and then paying someone else for audience exposure for said ad, as a sole means of exposure, are over for most businesses. You have to participate to some degree or another. So too are the days of building a website, checking it off your to-do list and moving on. Websites and marketing are never done.

Need someone to deliver a marketing tough love talk? I’m your guy.

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