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Fort Wayne’s 101 Connectors Includes Friends

The Journal Gazette released their list of Fort Wayne’s 101 Connectors on Sunday. To be honest I had forgot that I had filled out the questionnaire until staring at the list of those selected in Sunday’s paper. Generally speaking I don’t go in for such popularity contests, but after reviewing the list I would have to say the ones I know certainly fit the description.

While congratulations goes out to all, I would like to specifically recognize Scott Howard (@ScLoHo), Craig Crook (@CraigDCrook), Karl LaPan, Nicholas Harter (@BuyNick), Andrew Hoffman (@BeTheLink), Amber Recker (@amrecker), Mike King, and Steve Franks (@swfranks).

Check out The full list of Fort Wayne’s 101 Connectors or connect with me on Twitter. If you know the Twitter account for others on the list, please let me know and I will add them to Fort Wayne’s 101 Connectors Who Are On Twitter list.

The original Leadership Fort Wayne Northeast Indiana Connector Project page.

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