February 7, 2010, Posted by Kevin Mullett in all about me

if YOU’RE A DESIGNER why use a theme

The hardest designs I have ever worked on in my career have been those that are for myself.  Lured in by the knowledge of different styles I could do, like to do, and having what some would refer to as endless available resources causes paralysis by analysis.  This year I decided I would worry about getting something up, rather then worrying about getting it perfect. A difficult choice to be sure.  And while I don’t require much, I do require some sleep.

I also happen to have what could be called an unhealthy amount of hobbies. One of which is designing, but occasionally I would like it to not be a web design.

For my closing argument I would also refer you to the previous post, a NEW ONLINE HOME for me, (exhibit A1) where you will see that I needed something done right now. Having so many online and business persona’s has been a chore to maintain. It will be nice to have a central area to release my skewed views from.  That’s my 35 cent story on why I chose a WordPress theme.

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  • Nice! First I saw your photo, then I realized this was your shiny new blog. Congrats, and I look forward to seeing more.

  • If you design anything from the perspective of the client, you will doom yourself into perpetual proof status. Give the client something to look at, analyze…and lastly, show them an idea. Run with your first instinct. When it gets bounced back to you, then you know the path they want to visualize.

    This all applies x2 when that client is you. 😀 i really like this post and you now have a fellow designer as a follower. I might be from a different school of design (print :D) but i feel your pain man!