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Join These Speakers, Attendees & Me For Blog Indiana 2012

Blog Indiana 2012 LogoNot only do I get to speak for the second year in a row at Blog Indiana (#BIN2012), but once again I will be surrounded by some of the top social media and blogging talent Indiana has to offer. Many of the speakers are people I am pleased to call friends, but I’ve also had the pleasure of hearing many of them speak. Those who attend will no doubt be treated to a wealth of usable online marketing information. The event is August 9-10th, so you should get your Blog Indiana tickets now.

What am I doing? Well, last year I presented “Is Your Online Reputation Crap, Nonexistent, or Under Control.” This year I will speak on “Social Media Near Misses and Outright Failures“, which will  look at actual examples and minor changes that can have a huge impact on your social media and online marketing effectiveness.

Why the big long list? The Blog Indiana speakers page only gives you the speakers, I want attendees too, and requires many clicks to get to peoples twitter handles. If you will be attending, create a listly account, visit your twitter profile and add it to this list. Please make sure to add the tag “attendee” so we can sort by that criteria.

Kevin Mullett

#BIN2012 - Blog Indiana 2012 Speakers & Attendees

A crowdsourced list of the speakers and attendees of the 2012 Blog Indiana Social Media & Blogging Conference.

Visit the List.ly link to filter by speaker or attendee.

Please add the tag "attendees" if you are attending the event.

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  1. 1  Blog Indiana 2012 - @BlogIndiana

    Blog Indiana 2012 - @BlogIndiana

    Social Media & Blogging Conference - August 2012 - Indianapolis, IN

  2. 2  Allison Carter - @AllisonLCarter

    Allison Carter - @AllisonLCarter

    Communications pro. Writing snob. Lover of theater, vampires and over-analyzing song lyrics. Making small businesses big businesses with the Roundpeg crew.

  3. 3  Jane Byers Goodwin - @Mamacita

    Jane Byers Goodwin - @Mamacita

    Social Media Specialist, Writer, Speaker, Internet Watchdog, Absentminded Professor, Education Advocate/Critic, Mommy

  4. 4  robbyslaughter - @robbyslaughter

    robbyslaughter - @robbyslaughter

    Troublemaker and productivity/workflow expert. www.slaughterdev.com

  5. 5  Breena Fain - @BeeFain

    Breena Fain - @BeeFain

    pr + content strategist @formstack | tech nerd with an affinity for fashion... and boisterous laughter.

  6. 6  Ryan Brock - @ryanbrock

    Ryan Brock - @ryanbrock

    Founder & CEO, @MetonymyMedia | Publishing Director, @liloQuiDP | Organizer, @IndyWordLab | Co-author, @nothingnewbook

  7. 7  Lindsay Manfredi - @LindsayManfredi

    Lindsay Manfredi - @LindsayManfredi

    Pres of Linzstar || Ghostblogger & Social Media for rock stars. Co-Founder of @girlsrockindy. Singer/guitarist for @Kaleidostars. SBUX Junkie. HealthNut(ish).

  8. 8  Kelly Knutson - @kellyjknutson

    Kelly Knutson - @kellyjknutson

    Marketing Strategist/ Founder of Launch LLC. Let's launch something into the world and create change. I am a triple threat- blonde, female & WSU alumni.

  9. 9  Jeremy A Williams - @jeremyawilliams

    Jeremy A Williams - @jeremyawilliams

    I help people in the tourism industry w/ social media. Homebrewer, formerly of @PasteMagazine, now with @VisitIndiana & @SocMediarology - Mktg Dir. for @IndySM

  10. 10  Kevin Mullett - @kmullett

    Kevin Mullett - @kmullett

    geek, designer, web dev, UX/UI, marketing, seo/sem, public speaker, smo, social media bla bla, lan party nut, photographer, observer of all things web - http://www.kevinmullett.com & http://www.cirrusabs.com

  11. 11  Michael Reynolds - @michaelreynolds

    Michael Reynolds - @michaelreynolds

    President/CEO of @SpinWeb. Addict of tennis, sushi, technology, travel, and shiny marketing. Firmly in defense of one space after a period.

  12. 12  Douglas Karr - @douglaskarr

    Douglas Karr - @douglaskarr

    Marketing blogger, author, speaker and inbound marketing agency founder. @dknewmedia @mktgtechblog @corpblogging

  13. 13  Jay Baer - @jaybaer

    Jay Baer - @jaybaer

    President of http://convinceandconvert.com a hype-free social and content accelerator firm. Keynote speaker. Co-author of The NOW Revolution. Tequila guy.

  14. 14  Chad Richards - @chadrichards

    Chad Richards - @chadrichards

    Senior Social Media Manager at Firebelly. Filmmaker & film festival director in a former life. Pop culture lover. Cat person. Sagittarius.

  15. 15  Erik Deckers - @edeckers

    Erik Deckers - @edeckers

    Pro writer, social media consultant, speaker, humor writer. Co-author: Branding Yourself & No Bullshit Social Media. 2nd ed of Branding Yourself available July.

  16. 16  Susan Baroncini-Moe - @suebmoe

    Susan Baroncini-Moe - @suebmoe

    Entrepreneur ☆ Business/Marketing Strategist ☆ Author ☆ Speaker ☆
    Lover of small biz, urban homesteading, hamsters, UFC, and books of all kinds.

  17. 17  James Paden - @jamespaden

    James Paden - @jamespaden

    VP of Product at @Compendium. Proud advocate of @SpeakEasyIndy. Trainer of llamas. On a life adventure which includes lots of hard work.

  18. 18  randy clark - @randyclarktko

    randy clark - @randyclarktko

    Member of the TKO Graphix marketing team, Under the Radar rock band, beer geek, proud dad, loving husband, living the dream

  19. 19  Steve Hill - @epiclysteve

    Steve Hill - @epiclysteve

    LIVING in faith in Christ, Adventurer, Eagle Scout, Purdue alum, Fitness Junkie, and a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) shark. Rode a skateboard across Indiana

  20. 20  Muhammad Yasin - @MuhammadInc

    Muhammad Yasin - @MuhammadInc

    Director of Social Media/PR for @HCCMIS. Co-author of @nothingnewbook. Public speaker. Dad of two. Husband of a Cali chick. Tweets here are my own.

  21. 21  Dave Woodson - @davewoodson

    Dave Woodson - @davewoodson

    Speaker, Local Internet Marketing Consultant, Real Estate & Mortgage Consultant Cigar Enthusiast, Husband & Dad

  22. 22  Pamela Reilly - @pamelareilly1

    Pamela Reilly - @pamelareilly1

    Please follow me at @IndyHealer for natural health info. Naturopath by day, fun-loving believer, speeder & biker rest of the time. I say what I think. Abide!

  23. 23  Kenan Farrell - @KLFLegal

    Kenan Farrell - @KLFLegal

    IP Attorney. Music lover. Hoosier. I'm also @VonnegutLibrary @IDADA @IndyBlues

  24. 24  Nathan Hand - @nathan_hand

    Nathan Hand - @nathan_hand

    VP of Development for @TheMindTrust; Nonprofit blogger & speaker; philanthropy, fundraising, education, social media, marketing. Oh, White Castle & Bigfoot too.

  25. 25  Lorraine Ball - @lorraineball

    Lorraine Ball - @lorraineball

    Entrepreneur, Geek, Social Media Enthusiast

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