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Keek – Social Video Sharing Beta for Microvideo Status Updates

What is Microvideo? Simple. Limited length video. Some may recall the once popular and now defunct 12 second social video site. The whole premise was to share videos with a maximum run-time of 12 Seconds. Bonus points for those who recall that Seesmic was actually the name of a social video platform before it became a social media dashboard platform.

keek streaming microvideo siteEnter new kid on the block, Keek. Simple to use from mobile or desktop and limited to 36 seconds of video. My initial impression was positive, save for the fact that almost everyone here is very young and the mood is that of a party. This may be in part to the time limit. It is yet to be seen if business will find value in putting out 36 second pitches.

My quick take:

  • Audience – young, casual, fun.
  • Social-ness – allows you to invite via other networks, but not find via friends already there.
  • Sharing – allows you to push to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
  • Uniqueness – appears to be limited to 36 seconds ala the defunct 12 seconds.
  • Lacking – Google+ button/sharing.
  • SEO Value – low.
  • Mobile – support for iOS and Android in addition to webcam.
  • Competition – Qik, Bambuser (my favorite), Ustream, Justin.tv, et al

What do you think? Are you ready to send short video messages out to the world via your phone? I might test a bit further by doing a quote of the day or something else fun on my profile.


My quote of the day comes from something I mentioned during #socialchat last night.

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