December 22, 2011, Posted by Kevin Mullett in all about me, big stuff, fun, little stuff, networking, social 0 Comments

fort wayne SOCIAL MEDIA PEEPS nominated

Thanks to a strong Fort Wayne social media community, we have great selection of worthy candidates from Fort Wayne you can vote for…and a cat. Sorry Surly Cat.

Fort Wayne's 101 Connectors

June 27, 2011, Posted by Kevin Mullett in curate this, marketing, networking, social 1 Comment

Fort Wayne’s 101 Connectors Includes Friends

The Journal Gazette released their list of Fort Wayne’s 101 Connectors on Sunday. To be honest I had forgot that I had filled out the questionnaire until staring at the list of those selected in Sunday’s paper.

Social media and SEO experts beating their own drum

January 6, 2011, Posted by Kevin Mullett in marketing, SEO, skewed views, social, twitter, un-common sense 0 Comments

what SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS build for themselves, may not be what you get

A short thought on the subject of boasting by social media and search engine optimization experts.