March 25, 2010, Posted by Kevin Mullett in all about me, un-common sense

where’s MY HEART PUMPER 9000

Yesterday I made my monthly pilgrimage to a national Mega Box store for mass quantities of all the things worth having mass quantities of. Let’s call this magical place, Quantities Are Us.

Cases of Monster....glorious Monster

Cases of Monster

My outing to Quantities Are Us saw me foraging for my favorite energy drink, which they thoughtfully keep in the same place in the store, for my convenience. Well much to my chagrin, the pallet of “Heart Pumper 9000” was not in its normal spot. Everything else I was accustomed to seeing around was as it should be, but in place of my drink of choice was the inferior “Heart Pumper 9001”.  I immediately began looking up and around to see if they simply moved it. Panic sets in when I realize they may have discontinued it.  No doubt my Mom has coerced them into doing so due to her concerns for my health and well being.

Now starts the frantic search for someone to confirm or deny my mothers intentions of robbing me of the sweet nectar called Heart Pumper 9000.  Attempts to communicate with the first keeper of knowledge fails and so I directed to their leader who explains that they sold out, will have more on Friday, and disavows any communication with my mom.

I am not really surprised it wasn’t my mom, but at how easily this whole issue could have been avoided. A freaking sign. That’s it. A simple, in crayon if needed, sign that says we have sold out and expect to have more Heart Pumper 9000 by Friday.

What can we learn from this and apply to our online/offline marketing efforts? Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. Be clear.

Ironically I could have just told you that last part instead of the story, but what fun would that have been?

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